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  1. National interest in Tourism Promotion

  2. Cultural & Creative Industries: the Kyrgyz Republic proposition 

  3. Sustainable tourism: how to develop in the Kyrgyz Republic 

  4. Stakeholders in sustainable tourism of the Kyrgyz Republic 

  5. Invest into your happiness: projects of the Tourism Fund  


  1. Kaizen - the Japanese management system: from services to hospitality in tourism 

  2. Agile - new culture of management

  3. Supply Chain Management  and Logistics 

  4. Operations management: "4Ps"


  1. Marketing: attract and retain customers

  2. Business models generation: strategic planning 

  3. How to make a business plan?   

  4. How to prepare a company presentation and products?

  5. Basics of Corporate Governance: Understanding of Benefits    

  6. The Role of Corporate Secretary: Reality of the Kyrgyz Republic 

Master classes

  1. How to work in Google Drive to increase productivity and efficiency of work.

  2. Kanban desk to manage projects and workflow 

  3. Independently creating websites: cheap and fast 

  4. Hotel services for beginners: international and domestic cases 


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