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Yurt glamping opened on the south coast of Issyk-Kul

In the Tonsky district, at the entrance to the canyons "Skazka" opened a new format yurt camp. Glamping is a high-comfort camping that allows you to relax with the comfort of the wild. The Tourism Development Support Fund of the Kyrgyz Republic implements several such projects at once. The first of them - in the Tonsk region.

For us, our people, for tourists this is a great place, because there is a canyon "Skazka" and you know that today tourists come here in large numbers. And I want to thank Rysbek Sultanov and his wife Asel Dildebayeva for their glamping project. They really created a fairy tale. Today we have here ten original yurts. This was done by Issyk Kul craftsmen. I am very glad that we are opening "Royal Gate" today. Now in the height of the tourist season, I see a larger group of people on the south bank of Issyk-Kul and glad that we managed to open glamping during the season. As Aselya and Rysbek say, these yurts are already booked by tourists, and forward, August is almost all booked. I believe that this is a huge success for our people, our Government, and thank our President Sadyr Nurgorozhevich for supporting the Tourism Fund. And I want to say that if someone has such projects interesting, we are always ready to support them financially," - said President of the Tourism Fund Abylkasym Sherniyazov.

In the modern yurt camp "Royal Gate Cultural Center" there are not only yurts with all conditions, but also an outdoor amphitheater, where you can watch a movie or sing karaoke, cafe with delicious national cuisine and the ability to take coffee and takeout food, as well as an observation deck, from which there is a stunning view of the Issyk-Kul lake. For holidaymakers berkutsi can arrange a whole performance - the famous show of hunting salbuurun with golden eagles and taigans.

For visitors of the canyon "Fairy Tale" there is free parking, toilet, equipped including for persons with disabilities. The camp has its own sewage treatment plant. Yurt glamping will work all year round, there is a heating system and even warm floors.

The couple Sultans Rysbek and Asel Dildebayeva used to own a mini-pension on Issyk-Kul, but there were many clients, and then the idea of expanding. After negotiations with the Tourism Fund, the couple decided to build a modern legal glamping.

The Fund’s contribution to our project is very large. After long negotiations and consultations, and the staff of the Fund helped us with the documents and glamping design, we still built an excellent legal glamping with excellent cuisine and cinema. Foreign tourists are already enjoying it, although we will continue to improve it," said glamping owner Rysbek Sultanov.

Note that such a camp format appeared relatively recently in 2005. The name itself - glamping comes from the English expression glamorous camping - active tourism in the wild, but with comfort. More and more people during their holidays prefer not to tour the cities, but a meditative vacation alone with nature, ecotourism. And the Tourism Development Support Fund actively supports this direction, contributing to the emergence in our country and new glamping and other infrastructure needed tourist.

We previously in the Jogorku Kenesh discussed issues that relate to the construction of infrastructure, discussed the point that there were many costs of RestPoint that the Tourism Fund is building. I stopped by on purpose and looked. There were a lot of foreigners, in principle, these things are needed. All this - world-class standards, I liked all this," said Kamila Taliyeva, deputy of the Jogorku Kenesh.

She recalled that President of Kyrgyzstan Sadyr Zhaparov called for the development of tourism, stressing that this industry should become the flagship of the economy of the republic. And it is necessary to attract not only external investors, but also domestic ones, to support domestic entrepreneurs who work in this sphere.

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