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A record number of tour operators represent Kyrgyzstan at the exhibition in Tashkent

27 tour operators represent the Kyrgyz Republic in Uzbekistan at the largest tourism exhibition of our region "Tourism on the Silk Road - 2023". This influx of tourist industry is a kind of record, and explains his mutual interest of Kyrgyz and Uzbek tourists. Uzbekistan consistently leads the number of tourists visiting our country.

The Kyrgyz Republic is represented very brightly, the national pavilion of our country is crowded with visitors and journalists, they offer tasty treats and the Komuz sounds.

The stand was opened by the Tourism Development Support Fund of the Kyrgyz Republic, its President Abylkasym Sherniyazov, Chairman of the National Tourism Committee of Uzbekistan Umid Shadiyev and Ambassador of Kyrgyzstan to Uzbekistan Musa Jamanbayev.

The exhibition was attended by 16 companies from the Osh region - yurt camps, hotels, travel agencies. All of them note a great interest in traveling to the south of Kyrgyzstan. "This year, a lot of tourists from eastern Europe - Czech Republic, Poland, traditionally come from Germany, France, Great Britain. Many tourists from Russia. They are most interested in mountain trekking, hiking and equestrian tours," said Executive Director of Destinations Osh Azamat Satinayev.

Thousands of tourists from abroad also come to travel along the route of ancient caravans, see the places described in historical chronicles, enjoy the hospitality and hospitality of local residents. Travel on the Great Silk Road - a tourist trend that has not lost its relevance for many years. And tourists from Uzbekistan love sacred tourism, they visit holy places, coming to Kyrgyzstan for a few days. All these tours you can by in the "Tourism on the Silk Road - 2023", which will last three days, until November 17.

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