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About snow leopards, ulars and other inhabitants of the "Ala-Archa" can be read on special stands

he Tourism Development Support Fund of the Kyrgyz Respublic together with the environmental movement "Muvgreen" decided to tell tourists about animals that live in the natural park. Earlier, Swiss photographer François Perroden took thousands of photographs of the inhabitants of the natural park. The Tourism Fund in turn described the local fauna and installed stands with images in the park so that local and foreign tourists, as well as children know what animals live in Ala-Archa, what they look like and what are remarkable.

"We have set up 18 stands in the park, starting from the second gate on the sides of the asphalted road, where many tourists walk. So that everyone knows - both adult and child, what beautiful animals live in Ala-Archa. We also installed several large eco-friendly stands, made mainly of wood, in the car parks of the park", - said in the Tourism Fund.

In the Fund emphasized, all the stands in the park are made of acacia, it is a solid tree that harmoniously fits into the local nature and is very durable. Images of animals are inscribed on special metal plates, which are attached to wooden stands and glow at night. The paint on them does not fade and can last a long time in the volatile weather.

There are also stands calling on people not to destroy the park, not to chop and burn trees, not to leave garbage.

"In order for tourists to understand the damage they do to nature, the park, when they litter, in all our projects, which we organize in the mountains, whether it is the creation of ecological trails, the opening of new tourist routes, we ask tourists to pick up garbage with themselves", - said in the Fund.

Also on a large stand at the entrance to the natural park was updated information with a warning about the danger of a tick bite and where to go if the tick did bite you.

All information on the stands is indicated in three languages - Kyrgyz, English and Russian.

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