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Comfort and security for a million tourists. How to make Issyk-Kul more attractive to guests

How to make Issyk-Kul district even more enjoyable for tourists, was discussed at a meeting in the Tourism Development Support Fund of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Akim of Issyk-Kul district Kalybek Zhumadilov and president of the Fund Elena Kalashnikova discussed several issues at once.

First of all, we talked about the safety of holidaymakers, especially during swimming. They talked about the need to build rescue towers, to put buoys, but the main thing - to train and certify rescuers.

Another important issue is the opening of the tourist operations headquarters. The region welcomes more than a million tourists a year and now there will be a place where visitors will be able to seek help and quickly solve all their problems.

Construction of sewage treatment plants, reconstruction of the cinema in Cholpon-Ata and projects related to the race track were also discussed at the meeting.

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