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Helicopter for mountaineers and tourists - the problem is solved

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

The helicopter of the Ministry of Defence of the Kyrgyz Republic will transport tourists and their equipment to the basic mountaineering camps of Kyrgyzstan. This was made possible through the Tourism Development Support Fund and the support of the country’s leadership.

In early July, representatives of the domestic Kyrgyz Association of Tour Operators, the Federation of Mountaineering, Climbing and Ice Climbing and the Association of Tour Operators said that the mountaineering season in Kyrgyzstan was in danger of disruption. They stressed that mountain and mountaineering tours, climbing the seven-thousanders, which in our country are three - Pobeda peak, Lenin peak and Khan Tengri peak, as well as rescue work can not be carried out without the participation of a helicopter.

Mountaineering and trekking are among the most sought-after tourist destinations in the Kyrgyz Republic, especially among guests from far abroad. These species are actively developing, as Kyrgyz tour operators create all conditions for climbing and provide security during the stay of tourists in the country. The helicopter solves several tasks at once - it takes climbers to the base camp at an altitude of 4400 meters and back, brings food, tents and equipment, provides security.

In recent years, the helicopter for these purposes tour operators rented from private, mainly foreign companies, but this year they did not have free cars. Until recently, the Ministry of Defence apparatus could not be used for such purposes, as the legislation did not allow the agency to provide such a service. With the assistance of the Tourism Development Support Fund, regulations have been amended to allow the use of helicopters for tourism purposes. The issue has been resolved, and the threat to the mountaineering season in the Kyrgyz Republic is no longer.

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