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How to make cities hospitable? Representatives of the Tourism Foundation began training in SKOLKOVO

Employees of city administrations of 200 cities of Russia, as well as the Tourism Development Support Fund of the Kyrgyz Republic and the Department of Tourism have started training under the program of tourism development at the School of SKOLKOVO.

Training began on September 25. Its main focus is the development of the hospitality industry and increasing the attractiveness of cities for tourists. "We held hearings in five areas: domestic tourism, improving the urban environment and tourist infrastructure, improving the quality of service for tourists, how to recruit suitable personnel, how to do marketing, and manage your team in crisis situations"- told the Fund representative.

According to the organizers, the goal of training in Russia is to accelerate the development of tourism infrastructure and increase the availability of recreation for domestic tourists.

Note that over the past year, Russian tourists began to travel more in Russia, multiplied the number of tourists from this country and in Kyrgyzstan.

"Education is an investment in the future that bears fruit in spite of all external circumstances. This is particularly true for programmes such as "Hospitable Cities". By attracting tourists, cities create new jobs, investment and infrastructure. In addition, tourism motivates the city to preserve and restore cultural objects, determine their identity and pass on the heritage to future generations," - said the head of the "School of Management SKOLKOVO" Alexander Kim.

The group from Kyrgyzstan will study at the SKOLKOVO School in five stages for eight months. As a result of the training, a model of an urban ecotourism system will be developed, which can be implemented in the cities of Kyrgyzstan.

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