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International company wants to open 16 roadside service centers in the Kyrgyz Republic

The Tourism Development Support Fund of the Kyrgyz Republic held the first meeting with representatives of the international company International Transport Service.

The topic of discussion was the company’s project to create roadside service centers for freight and passenger transport. She has solid experience in Russia, Belarus and Armenia, and now she wants to implement such a project in the CD as well. It is planned to open 16 service centres in the border areas with Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. There will be everything necessary to serve the drivers and their transport.

This project largely coincides with our project to open up destinations for tourists Rest Point. At the same time, it has its own features. For example, the service centers provide parking for heavy trucks. This requires more territory than Rest Point, - said Vice President of the Fund Kairat Itibayev. The meeting was fruitful, and we found common ground. In the near future, the Rest Point project manager will contact the company’s representatives to discuss in detail the prospects for cooperation," he said.

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