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Japanese photographer became advisor to the head of the Tourism Fund in Kyrgyzstan

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Professional photographer from Japan Teru Tokunaga will promote the Kyrgyz Republic as a tourist destination. He will do so as an adviser to the President of the Tourism Development Support Fund on a voluntary basis. Already in October, he will tell about our country at the large tourism exhibition Tourism Expo Japan.

Teru Tokunaga has been photographing the nature of Kyrgyzstan for over 20 years and has his own approach to creating masterpieces, calling it scientific. Teru-san uses his knowledge in astronomy, geography and biology. Still, the chief assistant photographer, according to Tokunaga, is endurance.

"My equipment weighs over 10 kilograms, so I couldn’t climb the highest peaks. But I photographed a shooting star at a height of several thousand meters. At night in the mountains is very cold, all the climbers in the camp sleep and only I wait for the right moment to take a picture. Sometimes one frame takes several days," says Teru Tokunaga.

Now the Japanese photographer will talk about the beauty of the Kyrgyz Republic at home. Including - with the help of his photos.

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