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Kyrgyz handcraftsmen can enter the world market

Create a special platform or website where Kyrgyz artisans could sell their products to the whole world at the South Korean office of UNESCO. Its representatives want to implement the project in cooperation with the Tourism Development Support Fund and are ready to draw up a plan that will help to implement this initiative.

It was discuss at the Fund. Foreign specialists came to the Kyrgyz Republic to study folk art and the handicraft sector of the country as a whole, and to help create special platforms that will help to sell the products of Kyrgyz craftsmen in different countries.

The most popular in Kyrgyzstan today is not mass beach tourism, as it might seem at first glance, but cultural and adventure. These are campaigns on the historical and cultural objects of the country, as well as hiking and mountaineering," - told UNESCO representatives at the meeting adviser of the President of the Fund Maksat Usubalyev.

According to him, traditional types of craft in Kyrgyzstan are as relevant as ever, and people began to understand this and earn on the sale of authentic products. The uniqueness of Kyrgyz goods is that they are natural. These are products of leather, felt, wood, gold and silver. Usubaliev noted that a large demand among foreign tourists in Kyrgyzstan are silk scarves with felt pattern, slippers and felt paintings, as well as traditional Kyrgyz hat - Ak kalpak.

The Fund noted that about 30 percent of all tourists in Kyrgyzstan travel to the attractions of the Great Silk Road. Such tourists are more interested in buying authentic products of Kyrgyz masters.

Koreans noticed that the Tourism Fund done a lot of work to promote the tourism sector of the Kyrgyz Republic in other countries. They read about Kyrgyzstan in Korean newspapers after tour exhibition in the Korean city Ilsan. The Tourism Fund delegation took the grand prix last year on that exhibition. The Fund also actively promoted the launch of direct flights between Bishkek and Seoul.

The parties agreed to cooperate actively in the promotion of tourism and crafts in the country.

Background: UNESCO - specialized agency of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

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