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Large recreation area and Olympic center. Tourism Fund launches two large-scale projects

Two global projects for current and future generations of Kyrgyzstanis are launched by the Tourism Development Support Fund in the Kyrgyz Republic. An agreement was signed in Bishkek on the design of an international sports complex of the Olympic level in Issyk-Kul and a recreation area of ​​Oruu-Sai. It will be carried out by the Austrian company Masterconcept, known for its tourism projects.

A place will appear on Oruu-Sai, 30 kilometers from Bishkek, where at any time of the year you can relax, enjoy communication with nature, go hiking in picturesque places, hiking, horseback riding or cycling, and improve your health. And all this - in the most comfortable conditions. 15 kilometers of ropeways, more than 50 kilometers of ski slopes and paths, 5 hotels will be built on Oruu-Sai. The recreation area can accommodate up to 10,000 guests per day, and the number of visitors per year will be about a million people.

An international modern sports complex will be built in Tamga. It will create all the conditions for training Olympic-level athletes representing more than 30 sports - primarily rowing and swimming, light and weightlifting, and martial arts. There will be a water sports center, a 400-meter outdoor athletics stadium and a multi-sport complex where athletes can not only train, but also undergo rehabilitation.

Issyk-Kul has long been recognized as a good place to prepare for competitions. Athletes come here for training camps, astronauts come here to recover after flights. An altitude of 1600 meters above sea level and a relatively mild climate that allows year-round training create almost ideal conditions even for Olympians. And the radon spring, healing mud and medicinal herbs attract everyone who cares about their body to Tamga.

Not only athletes, but also ordinary tourists will have the opportunity to relax and improve their health in the new center. Hotels, hostels and chalets will be built for them.

The implementation of the projects will require significant financial investments. They are expected to be covered by foreign investment.

The recreation area and the Olympic Center are just two of the many initiatives of the Tourism Development Support Fund. Others include GoBus shuttles, which can take you from Bishkek to Manas airport, the launch of a single call center for tourists 7000. As well as the arrangement of eco-trails throughout Kyrgyzstan.

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