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Mini-festivals were discussed at the Tourism Fund

"Ayyldags Ayluu Tun" - this is the name of an interesting and heartfelt project, which was discussed at the Tourism Development Support Fund. It was invented by the bulbal community. As its founder Bakyt Asylbek uulu said, since last year they have been finding and helping to arrange for tourists places where you can stay on a trip to our country - very bright, authentic, with national flavor and hospitable hosts, ready to share with guests the philosophy of nomadic culture.

And tourists are offered not only accommodation. Within the framework of the project "Ayyldag Ayluu Tun" a series of branded mini-festivals have been developed, which will be held in all regions. The collection of uryuka and a show of birds, sumolok buffet and oymo saima - the theme of the festivals is very diverse, but combines their cozy atmosphere and adherence to the traditional Kyrgyz traditions.

First Vice President of the Fund Asylbek Aliyev and other employees supported the idea of holding the festivals and promised to provide full support to the project.


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