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Convenient information appeared on seven new ecopaths

The Tourism Development Support Fund continues to mark ecotropes throughout the Kyrgyz Republic. This is also necessary in order to meet the requirements of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) to include our country in the list of recommended destinations for travel on the Silk Road (the other two conditions are the availability of convenient rest points (toilets) on tourist routes and comfortable shuttle bass).

There are seven ecotropes designed for any level of tourism. They are located in different areas. In Jalal-Abad - 19-kilometer It-Agar Trail in the Chychkan Gorge - past Saz-Kol Lake and Shatkyratma Falls to Chun-Muztor Lake. In Chuyskaya - paths to Lake Borulu, to 60-meter waterfall in Belogorka and in the gorge Shamsi.

On Issyk-Kul you can now easily walk on three routes. To Suttu-Bulak lake in Kyrchyn gorge (Semenovskoe), to two lakes in Chon-Ak-Suu gorge (Grigorievskoye). To the waterfall near Cholpon-Ata leads a simple path. And another, 14-kilometer route near this resort town is called "circumference" and can only well-prepared travelers and athletes.

Serious routes for active tourists will settle down in the future. Next on the path to the glacier Golubin and Adygene.

Recall, the Fund has marked more than 20 trails in different tourist destinations.

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