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Online registration in Kyrgyzstan for foreign citizens

Now any guest of the Kyrgyz Republic can get registration remotely without visiting the data center. To do this, you need only documents on the property, the passport of the landlord and the passport of the foreigner. The new digital service was launched by the Ministry of Digital Development, the State Committee for National Security and the Tourism Development Support Fund of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Online registration is also important for tourists. Ninety-two States have a visa-free regime, and their citizens are exempt from registration at their place of residence for a specific period. For example, for the countries of the EAEU, it is 30 days, for most European states - 60 days, this time is quite enough for a tourist trip.

But citizens of many countries need to register within 5 days of crossing the border. This group includes, for example, tourists from China or Uzbekistan, the flow of which is constantly growing. As a result, the Kyrgyz Republic became the most visited destination for travelers from Uzbekistan, according to the National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan, our country was visited by more than 815 thousand tourists from that country. They come to us on vacation for an average of 10-15 days and they need to register. That is, hotels, boarding houses or travel agencies wrote to local PSCs petitions and engaged in the preparation of documents. All this was put on tourists additional costs. Now the issue of registration can be solved online.

Registration of foreign citizens in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic has been simplified to attract more tourists to the country and make their stay here more comfortable.

Now any foreigner can register on the website The owner of the property is enough to enter the site, create a personal account, and the system itself will tell you what to do to register a foreign citizen.

The receiving party must indicate the address at which the foreigner will live and photograph the foreigner using a webcam. Online registration will be possible if the Face ID of the foreign citizen coincides with his photo when entering the Kyrgyz Republic. Within 24 hours, the electronic application will be confirmed by the Department of Population Registration, after which a payment code is formed for the registration of foreign citizens in the amount of 120 soms (taking into account the bank’s commission).

The Ministry of Digital Development stressed that the site is easy to use, each step is specified, so the host party can easily register the foreigner.

Note, if the host is a legal entity, you can register a foreign citizen or a group of foreigners in a hostel, boarding house, guest house or hostel.

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