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Real play-promenade for tourists appeared in Bishkek

Today, on World Tourism Day, Bishkek held a private screening of the first immersive audio play, where the tourist becomes the main actor. It’s a play, a quest, and a journey.

A new format for city tours was developed by the OsO Mice Group together with the Tourism Development Support Fund of the Kyrgyz Republic. Audio performance "Communications" - a bright two-hour tour of Bishkek, where tourists immerse themselves in the story of Bishkek, told by the voices of professional actors of Kyrgyzstan. The events happen to and around the audience, they move around the city, listening to the voices in the headphones, and the guide just controls the process.

During the tour you can get to know another Bishkek, plunge into its history and architecture, strolling through the central streets, feel the connection between the past and future of the capital.

To date, immersive audio performances have already been conducted all over the world, in the CIS countries they have recently appeared, and in Kyrgyzstan - for the first time. The new excursion format was created for Bishkek for about five months. If successful, it is planned to launch such excursions in other cities of Kyrgyzstan.

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