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RestPoint on the Great Silk Road. Two rest points were opened in the south of Kyrgyzstan

In the south of Kyrgyzstan, two new RestPoints have been opened in popular tourist locations. The first of them stands on the Great Silk Road next to the famous Uzgen minaret. That tower was built almost a thousand years ago, when Uzgen was the second capital of the Karahanid state.

Another RestPoint opened on the highway Bishkek-Osh in the village of Barpy, Suzak district. There are now four RestPoints in the south of Kyrgyzstan - in Barpy, Uzgen, Kara-Kul and Jalal-Abad. In addition, two new RestPoint on Issyk-Kul are being prepared for opening.

Modern and authentic points of rest have already appreciated and tourists, and the Kyrgyz people themselves. The first RestPoint appeared last spring in Kemin at a turn on the bypass. All travelers to Issyk-Kul now have the opportunity to relax comfortably on the road. In the lounges you can recharge the electric car and gadgets, drink coffee or tea, eat and shower. All RestPoint are located on popular and busy tourist routes and intercity routes.

The opening ceremony of the new RestPoints in Uzgen and Barpy was attended by the Vice-President of the Tourism Development Support Fund Bolotbek Dyikanbayev, representatives of the administrations of Osh and Jalalabad provinces.

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