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Russian TV channel "My Planet" made a TV show about the Kyrgyz Republic

Mikhail Ronkainen - the host of the program "Out of Reach" visited many countries. Been and in Africa, and in Latin America and he has something to compare. And if he says you need to come to the Kyrgyz Republic, you should listen to him!

The first popular travel blogger came to our land in 2018, when the III World Nomad Games were held here. He was captivated by our rich traditions, national cuisine and, of course, nature. Ashlyan-fu, in his opinion, is much better than the yam. And Issyk-Kul is the main seat in the CD.

The program on the Kyrgyz Republic, which Mikhail withdrew with the support of the Tourism Fund, will be aired on the TV channel "My Planet".

We thank Mikhail for his contribution to the promotion of our country and look forward to the premiere. We are sure it will be interesting!

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