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Singer Angelica presented Kyrgyzstan at a tourist exhibition in Japan

Travel around the world without leaving the exhibition pavilion. The major international tourism exhibition TOURISM EXPO JAPAN, which opened today in Osaka, gives such an opportunity. Its organizers focus not only on the exchange of information about the latest tourism offers, but also on the presentation of each country. Colorful folk costumes, local delicacies and authentic theatrical performances - the exhibition is unusually bright and colorful.

The Kyrgyz Republic was presented in Osaka by the popular singer Angelica. Her incendiary song "Kyrgyzstan" became the hallmark of our country, the show gathered many guests who danced and sang along with the singer.

Unlike other tourist exhibitions, the national stands in Osaka are grouped by geographical area. And the pavilion of the Kyrgyz Republic became part of the big stand of Central Asia together with Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan, our five Japanese countries perceive as one tourist destination and often plan a trip to several countries at once.

Today was the official opening of the national stand. The red ribbon was cut by President of the Tourism Development Support Fund of the Kyrgyz Republic Abylkasym Sherniyazov, Director of the Department of Economic Development of the Private Sector Development Group (JICA) Yuya Tsuda and Second Secretary of the Kyrgyz Republic in Japan Savitakun Isakov.

Business talks were held with Mr Tsuda about cooperation in the field of tourism. Several interesting projects are already being implemented, such as "One Village-One Product", and there are many new ideas aimed at the development of Kyrgyzstan.

The national pavilion at the exhibition was organized by the Tourism Development Support Fund in cooperation with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), the support of the Department of Tourism under the Ministry of Economy and Commerce and the assistance of the Kyrgyz diaspora in Japan.

The exhibition will last for three more days. Now the active phase of the business program - the delegation of Kyrgyzstan is very busy, meetings are held one after another. Interlocutors are interested in the tourist opportunities of Kyrgyzstan, especially adventure tourism, hiking, active tours and horse riding.

There are many interesting things ahead - performances of musicians, shows of national costumes and much more. The country presentation among industry professionals will be held on October 27, TOURISM EXPO JAPAN will end on October 29.

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