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Six ecotrails marked in mountains of Kyrgyz Republic

The Tourism Development Support Fund of the Kyrgyz Republic prepared and then installed information stands on six other popular tourist routes. Information on the stands tells you how long it will take a tourist to get to the right place, as a rule it is the top, peak, lake or waterfall.

Infonavigation helps tourists not to get lost, this is the main function of information pointers on the ecotropes. After all, even experienced climbers and tourists can lose their way.

The area is investigated, the reconnaissance of the area is conducted, the tracking is recorded, the timing of the paths is calculated. Then all this information is put on the information stand in the form of graphics. And in the end, a team of climbers should go through the whole route, sometimes through hard-to-reach places and install a stand in the right place. At the same time, 4-5 stands in different places are installed on one path at a time - this was told by the climbers - marking trails.

Another important point, according to climbers, is the concern for the environment. On the information stands in three languages there are calls to protect nature and take with themselves the garbage, not leave it in the mountains. In addition, each stand has a telephone number of the Ministry of Emergency Situations KR for emergencies.

Stands have already been installed in the canyons Fairy Tale, Aksai, and Konorchek. Also on the path leading to the falls of Barskaun. But the most difficult, as the climbers admit, was marking the path to Komsomolets Peak. The trail itself and the terrain on the way to the peak, difficult to install an information stand, required professional climbing skills.

Recall, to date, the fund has marked more than 10 trails in different tourist destinations.

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