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The Fund of the Tourism was offered to build 4 more RestPoint on Issyk-Kul

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has proposed to the Development Support Fund to build 4 additional RestPoint on the south bank of Issyk Kul. There is a place and an opportunity for this - next year the Ministry of Transport and Communications, with the support of the ADB, will start construction of the Barskon-Karakol road. The length of the plot - 75 kilometers, now the only RestPoint is planned throughout the village of Saru. You can additionally build four more. This was discussed at a meeting at the Tourism Development Support Fund with representatives of ADB. They said that a new road and all road infrastructure along the southern shore of Lake Issyk-Kul are already being designed.

ADB is ready not only to provide the Foundation with land for the construction of RestPoint - tourist service points, but also to provide them with a roadside infrastructure - make in the right places to drive to RestPoint with acceleration lanes and stops, road signs", - noted in the Fund.

According to ADB representatives, it is important for them to know where the Tourism Foundation would like to put their RestPoint. Note that to date, the construction of RestPoint in the village of Saruu is completed, so on the road along the southern shore of Issyk-Kul will be built 7 such points. At the same time, ADB is ready to allocate for each RestPoint one hectare of land, which means there will be a place for the construction of parking, charging station for electric cars, a place for souvenir shops and other useful for the tourist facilities.

The participants of the meeting decided that the best place for construction would be a section of the road between the villages of Ak-Terek and Chychkan, and to place RestPoint on both sides of the road, so that people on the expressway do not have to cross the road. It is planned to build two more rest points along the road between the village of Saruu and the city of Karakol.

The Tourism Fund emphasized that recreation points for tourists are built on the Fund’s money, the entire road infrastructure - on the ADB’s money. According to preliminary information, it is planned to make in these places, among other things, and parking for the Go Bus, which will soon begin to carry tourists and on the south bank of Issyk-Kul.

Construction of the road segment from the village of Barskon to the city of Karakol is planned to be completed by 2027.

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