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The Fund of Tourism has launched a course of Kyrgyz studies from Melis Murataliev

Famous bloggers, entrepreneurs, students and elders - Melis Murataliev’s lecture was attended by about 50 people. Communication with the audience lasted more than two hours. Listeners asked many questions: how to preserve our culture and identity? Who are Kyrgyz? What is ethnicity, the state, the nation?

Before the lecture, vice-president of the Fund Kairat Itibayev told about the goals of this project. It informs the public about the traditions, customs, cultural values and codes of the Kyrgyz. And also promotion of the tourist center "Bosogo", which could become the center for interesting and informative communication.

There are forty more lectures by Melis Murataliev. The interesting material will allow both guests and residents of the Kyrgyz Republic to learn more about the history of Kyrgyz people, which was not taught, as well as about the traditions, culture and philosophy of the Kyrgyz people. It will help to understand what motivates people and to become imbued with the spirit of the ancient nomadic people.

The course will set a vector that will not allow you to turn away from your path of development and will allow you to see your own picture of the world. Why certain traditions have arisen and what is hidden in them, who is the "genetic counterpart" of the Kyrgyz and why they look very different, which helps our people to preserve their identity and sovereignty.

Lectures will also be interesting to the Kyrgyz culture bearers themselves. Prohibitions (tayuular) in education. Yrym - a sign, superstition or rite. Civic duty - atuulduk mildet. What is hidden in customs - superstition or knowledge? The lecturers will get answers to these and many other questions, learn a lot of interesting historical facts, dive into the sacred world of Kyrgyz people, understand the strength of their spirit and strength of the nation.

The next lecture of the course is entitled "History of Kyrgyz, which was not taught". It will be held on February 28 at 18.30 in the tourist center "Bosogo" at 75 Pushkin Street. 

Also on the basis of the center "Bosogo" in the near future will start a course on the history of Kyrgyzstan, which will be conducted by the doctor of historical sciences Synaru Alumkulova.

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