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The good tourist future is waiting for the Kyrgyz Republic

More than 300 hoteliers of the Kyrgyz Republic today gathered for a large online meeting with eminent experts of the CIS countries in the field of tourism business. On Travelhub "Commonwealth" discussed how to increase the flow of customers, what advertising should be given and which media to pay more attention.

To ensure the inflow of new customers, domestic hoteliers will help knowledge of new trends. It is both building communication with the guest in the modern world, and the point of growth of profitability of the hotel, and the so-called digital comfort of guests, as well as new sales trends, technology Smart-hotels and the creation of modern 3D Internet sites. Representatives of the Tourism Development Support Fund, who spoke to the information partners of the meeting, also told about their vision and experience in the development of tourism in the republic.

According to the statistics of the barometer of the World Tourism Organization, over 900 million international tourist trips were made last year. This is almost twice as much as in 2021. But this figure has not yet reached the level of the pre-endemic period. We have reached only 37 per cent of the pre-endemic level, - said Maksat Usubalyev, Vice-President of the Fund.

According to Usubaliev, the growth dynamics in our region is very good. At the same time, mainly on vacation in the Kyrgyz Republic come neighbors from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Russia. Over the past year, the flow of arrivals from Russia (despite the fact that we do not have a common border with this country) has doubled, said the Vice-President of the Fund.

Maksat Usubaliev told the audience about the fund’s projects, as well as about the growing cooperation with Russian booking systems and the importance of international tourism exhibitions. Usubaliev noted that the authorities of the country are ready to do reformatting and learn from the experience of successful states in this field.

Another platform for this will be a large international travel hub, which will be held in the Kyrgyz Republic in November 2023. Representatives of CIS countries and foreign countries confirmed their participation.

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