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The most important international exhibitions of 2023 were determined by representatives of the trave

Representatives of hotels, travel agencies and travel associations met at the Support Fund for Tourism Development in Kyrgyzstan to discuss joint plans for next year.

Employees of the Foundation told participants of the tour sector about foreign exhibitions that will be held in the first half of this year. At the same time, it was decided to identify important exhibitions, where the Kyrgyz Republic will present a tourist stand to increase the visibility of the country.

"We have provided them with a list of all the tourist exhibitions to be held this year. Representatives of hotels and the tourism sector have collectively indicated that there are important exhibitions, in those countries where the Fund actively advertises the Kyrgyz tourism market - the Kyrgyz side must take part in them. And there are less significant exhibitions, in which if we are to participate, it will be a must to go at least five companies", - said the Support Fund for Tourism Development in the Kyrgyz Republic.

It was decided that important exhibitions - ITB Berlin, MITT-2023 (29th Moscow International Tourism Exhibition), International Tourism Exhibition Intourmarket-2023 (Moscow), Kazakhstan International Exhibition Tourism and Travel (Almaty)ATM 2023 Dubai International Tourism Industry Exhibition and SITIF 2023 International Tourism Industry Fair in Seoul, South Korea.

Also with representatives of the tourism sector of the Kyrgyz Republic, employees of the Foundation discussed the design of future national stands for tourism abroad. The idea is to develop a unified style and come up with a single brand for all travel companies representing the republic abroad at exhibitions.

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