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The number of foreign tourists may grow by a quarter this year

The number of tourists in the Kyrgyz Republic from foreign countries may be grow at least 25 per cent this year. This became known during the Issyk-Kul International Tourism Exhibition-Fair Issyk-Kul ITF 2023, which takes place today in Cholpon-Ata.

This exhibition announces the beginning of the summer tourist season. This year it promises to be rich. " According to our preliminary estimates, the increase in the flow of tourists from Western Europe, Middle East and South-East Asia will be at least 25 per cent compared to last year thanks to the participation of the Kyrgyz Republic in 11 major international tourism exhibitions", - said the president of the Tourism Development Support Fund Elena Kalashnikova.

She also noted that there is a great interest in travel to the Kyrgyz Republic from Kazakhstanis and Russians. " And from these countries there are requests for a longer period of stay in the Kyrgyz Republic than before", - said Kalashnikova.

Add that the tourist season in the Kyrgyz Republic can become year-round. Including - through the restoration and modernization of the network of sanatoriums and resorts. Focused resorts will be primarily on the Kyrgyz people themselves.

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