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The scientific view of the Japanese photographer

A photographer from Japan comes to Kyrgyzstan every year to take unique pictures.

The first time Teru Tokunaga saw our country in 2003 and, as the Japanese himself said, was fascinated by the Kyrgyz nature. Since then he has traveled more than 30 times to Son-Kul Lake, was at the Kumtor Mine and at the foot of Khan Tengri Peaks and Victory.

And everywhere the native of the Land of the Rising Sun seeks a scientific approach to create another photo masterpiece. To photograph the starry sky above Lake Son-Kul, Teru consulted a friend of an astronomer from Japan, and to take quality photographs of Lake Merzbacher, the Japanese had to change the battery on the camera every ten minutes.

Now the photographer will talk about the nature of Kyrgyzstan to his compatriots. And on October 26, together with the Support Fund for the Development of Tourism in Kyrgyzstan will present their work filmed in the Kyrgyz Republic at the tourism exhibition in Tokyo.

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