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The tourism potential of the Kyrgyz Republic presented in Malaysia

In Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) on the eve of the international tourism exhibition MATTA FAIR. It attracted 1526 companies from around the world. Three hotels and two tour operators from the Kyrgyz Republic participated. Their trip, the work of our national pavilion and the presentation of the tourist potential of the Kyrgyz Republic were organized by the Tourism Development Support Fund.

As part of the exhibition, representatives of the tourism industry of the Kyrgyz Republic held many B2B-meetings. Participants and guests of the event showed increased interest in this. For the first time in the past eight exhibitions, the CD delegation had no handouts. Many have promised to come to our country and work with our market.

In addition, the Fund has signed memorandums of cooperation with three Malaysian tour operators and one association. " Malaysia - one of our target markets to attract investment and tourists to the Kyrgyz Republic, - said vice-president of the Foundation Kairat Itibayev. - In Germany and the UK, Malaysian entrepreneurs invest billions of dollars in the tourism industry. We have offered to do the same with us. The Fund is ready to open joint ventures with Malaysians and to give them full support in their work in the CD".

Two meetings were also held with the Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture of Malaysia, Dato Sri Thiong, at the official opening and during the tour of the pavilions. The employees of the Foundation found a full understanding with him. At the end, they were invited to come to Malaysia in the autumn to the exhibition of halal tourism.

The MATTA Fair has exceeded all our expectations, - said Kairat Ichibayev. - Many Asian countries are experiencing rapid economic growth. For Asia - the future. It is necessary to pay close attention to this continent and actively promote our tourism in the Asian market. You can do this, including in cooperation with Uzbekistan, offering combined tours.

Incidentally, only two countries from Central Asia - the CD and Uzbekistan - participated".

Only two employees of our embassy in that country, Atay Namatbaev, Chargé d'affaires ad interim of the CD in Malaysia, and Suran Rabaev, were able to make such a productive trip. They supported us in logistics, handouts, national dances, pilaf preparation and many other matters, said Kairat Itibaev. This is the first such large-scale event in the history of bilateral relations between the CD and Malaysia".

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