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Unusual Kyrgyzstan. Tourists from Qatar want to come to our country

Qatar Travel Mart is taking place in Doha these days. The Kyrgyz Republic is participating in it for the first time, and it is to our pavilion that visitors to the exhibition show great attention.

Winter tourism, family trips, tours for hunters - interest is very diverse. For Qataris and residents of this country, the Kyrgyz Republic has a simplified visa regime, which further inspires residents of the Middle East to travel.

The national stand of the Kyrgyz Republic, organized by the Tourism Development Support Fund, has four tour operators and a honey company. The exhibition included a presentation of our country.

Vice President of the Fund Maksat Usubaliev told about the Kyrgyz Republic and the Tourism Fund, and Head of the Marketing and International Cooperation Department Suran Rabayev about the popular Qatari halal-tourism industry in general and its opportunities in our country. The guests showed a Kyrgyz dance, treated boorsok and chak, prepared by members of the Kyrgyz diaspora in Qatar.

The Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic in Qatar and its advisor Nurzat Omurakunova greatly assisted in the exhibition.

Qatar Travel Mart is held for the second time. It combines all areas of tourism - from business to cultural, from medical to sports. This year, more than 250 companies from 60 countries participate in it.

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