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Uzbekistan - one of the target markets to attract tourists to the Kyrgyz Republic

The Tourism Development Support Fund of the Kyrgyz Republic today took part in the business forum "Kyrgyzstan - Uzbekistan".

The event is aimed at the development of trade, economic and investment cooperation between the two countries. In addition to local entrepreneurs, it attracted more than 100 representatives of Uzbekistan’s largest companies.

The Foundation produced an information stand and handout materials on its activities, and Vice-President Kairat Ichibayev made a presentation on its investment projects. The presentation aroused great interest from the guests, and some of them were discussed about the possibility of cooperation. " We are very interested in developing bilateral relations with Uzbekistan," Kairat Itibayev said.

Kairat Ichibayev said that on the south bank of Issyk-Kul there will be a modern base for training athletes, and invited Uzbek athletes to come there. And in view of the fact that in the south of the Kyrgyz Republic there are many sacred places for Uzbeks, he proposed to develop combined tours as part of spiritual tourism.

He also noted that the GO BUS project will expand its activities - this year it is planned to open a route from the airport city of Osh to the checkpoint "Dostuk". In addition, the Fund is considering opening routes from Osh to Namangan, Andijan, Fergana and Tashkent.

The Foundation considers Uzbekistan as one of the target markets for attracting tourists to Kyrgyzstan. In December 2022, the Foundation organized the participation of the domestic delegation in the Tashkent international tourism fair "Tourism on the Silk Road - 2022". The Pavilion of the Kyrgyz Republic is recognized there as one of the best. And recently our delegation visited Uzbekistan to study the experience of the year-round resort Amirsoy Resort.

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