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Welcome! Foreign diplomats of the Kyrgyz Republic were told about the "Bosogo" center

The Malachite Hall of the Kyrgyz National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre held a demonstration of national clothes of the Kyrgyz. As guests, employees of foreign diplomatic missions in the Kyrgyz Republic and the Tourism Development Support Fund were invited.

The Vice-President of the Fund Kairat Ichibayev gave interesting facts about some of our clothes. He dedicated the second part of the speech to one of the projects of the Fund - the tourist center of hospitality "Bosogo".

Lectures on the history, culture and traditions of the Kyrgyz Republic are regularly held at the "Bosogo" Centre. They are led by professional historians, Kyrgyz scholars and other specialists in their fields. Tourists are provided with all kinds of services - from registration to the purchase of a SIM card, and soon will begin to work souvenir shop.

We have encouraged diplomats to attend events at the "Bosogo" Centre and to travel as actively as possible in the CD. And for maximum immersion in our atmosphere recommended them during their trips at least once to sleep in the yurt," - said Kairat Itibayev.

"Such events promote the tourist potential of our country, and we are happy to participate in them. We are ready to cooperate with all those who are interested in our projects and who are ready to invest in the development of this industry in the CD," he stressed.

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