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Our services


with values. 

We are holding marketing campaigns in the form of press tours, info seminars, forums and conferences regarding the tourism promotion in foreign markets in order to increase tourists inflows into the Kyrgyz Republic.


Projecting with experts.

Collecting data, analysing financial models of business cases, holding feasibility studies on perspective projects and presenting investment projects to all potential domestic and international investors who are willing to invest with us into the tourism of the Kyrgyz Republic


Investing &


We are investing with entrepreneurs into the profitable business projects in tourism industry of the Kyrgyz Republic. Moreover, we are managing with partners all transferred assets from the state as shareholders in subsidiary joint ventures based on corporate governance practices.  


Lobbying & advocating 

We are doing the best in creating the most favorite conditions in tourism industry for everyone: travelers, guests, investors, entrepreneurs and citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic. In cooperation with the Department of tourism, we  are lobbying policy documents and laws of the tourism  in all levels of government. All our activities are oriented to make the Kyrgyz Republic a paradise destination for tourism.  

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