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AUCA students learned more about the Tourism Fund and country marketing of the Kyrgyz Republic

At the invitation of AUCA, Vice President of the Tourism Development Support Fund of the Kyrgyz Republic Kairat Itibayev held a guest lecture on the country marketing “I’m nomad” abroad.

He told the students about the methodology of country marketing, which is based on the concept of Marketing Mix 7P. The audience received detailed information on the reasons for the establishment of the Fund, the implementation of national projects initiated by it, issues related to the prerogative of the State (in its activities they occupy at least 90 per cent of the time and resources) problems in the field of tourism in the Kyrgyz Republic and multiplier effect of its development for our economy.

The strategy of promotion of the Kyrgyz Republic at significant exhibitions and fairs on tourism in the countries from the target markets to increase the flow of guests is also presented. The students were interested, some would like to do an internship at the Fund. " We look forward to further cooperation with educational institutions that teach in English. Their graduates have good prospects. When working in the field of tourism, knowledge of English is always an advantage", - said Kairat Itibayev.

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