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Authentic, unusual, incendiary - Japanese liked the performance of Kyrgyzstan at TOURISM EXPO JAPAN

The game on komuz, national dances and, of course, the incendiary solo on ooz-komuz, played by Tadagawa Leo, director of the Japan-Kyrgyz Cultural Exchange Association, - the program of the Kyrgyz Republic aroused great interest among the Japanese. It was authentic, unusual for Japanese and it was true folklore, visitors to the exhibition were delighted.

Within the framework of TOURISM EXPO JAPAN, which ended in Osaka, several performances were held, both at the stand of the Kyrgyz Republic and on the main stage of the exhibition pavilion, and each of them was very successful. In the final two days, the exhibition was open to the public, before that it worked in B2B format.

Songs, dances, playing musical instruments - all Central Asian countries presented their culture. The cultural program of the Kyrgyz Republic was so bright and interesting thanks to the assistance of the Department of Tourism.

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