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Development and improvement of the state natural park "Salkin-Tor" discussed in Naryn

The improvement and development of the state natural park "Salkin-Tor" was talked about in Naryn. There was a meeting of the acting president of the Tourism Development Support Fund Kylychbek Rysaliev with representatives of the Naryn Regional Department of the Ministry of Natural Resources and the State Natural Park "Salkin-Tor".

The improvement of the recreation area was discussed as part of the development of tourism in the region. Various proposals were made and interesting opinions were expressed. The parties agreed to continue cooperation.

The Salkyn-Tor National Park occupies almost 11,000 hectares. Animals, birds, insects andplants listed in the Red Book of Endangered Species of Kyrgyzstan live here. The nature park itself was created to restore the population of the endangeredred deer.

In Salkyn-Tor National Park you can visit Kozho-Unkur cave, the historic Dubeli Hill, Kurgaspring, as well as the beautiful rocky Kok-Zhayik, Berkut-Uya and Kyzyl-Zoogorges.

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