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Direct flights between Bishkek and Seoul are planned to be launched in 2023

In 2023, it is planned to launch direct flights between Bishkek and Seoul for five months. This was announced by the Honorary Consul of the Kyrgyz Republic in the Republic of Korea Kim Ho Son at a meeting at the Tourism Development Support Fund in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Flights will be operated at the height of the tourist season twice a week and will help increase the flow of tourists from Korea to the Kyrgyz Republic.

The interest of Korean tourists to Kyrgyzstan is growing. This was largely influenced by the recent performance of our delegation at the international travel show in Korea. The exposition of the Kyrgyz Republic was recognized as the most interesting and informative and received the Grand Prix. Korean tour operators are interested in working with the Kyrgyz Republic and in November they plan to organize a visit of representatives of one of the airlines to the republic to develop cooperation.

Kim Ho Son suggested inviting university clinics in Korea to the Kyrgyz Republic. They could open their branches here and thus attract patients from near and far abroad to our country.

Currently, the issue of determining the volume of investments in the Kyrgyz Republic by Korean investors in the field of medical tourism is being worked out. “The main condition is that the government of the Kyrgyz Republic needs to take measures to mandatory pass PCR tests for all international tourists coming to the republic,” Kim Ho Son emphasized. - PCR tests should be included in the ticket price, and their price should not exceed $10-15. The introduction of this regulation will be perceived by Korean clinics as a signal for investment.”

Following the meeting, an agreement was reached that the Fund, together with Korean partners, will develop specific investment projects and implement an action plan to attract tourists from Korea to the Kyrgyz Republic.

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