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Foreign experts assessed the state of sanatoriums and resorts of the Kyrgyz Republic

Physiotherapist and hotelier from the famous Czech resort "Karlovy Vary", as well as a physiologist from Russia, together with employees of the Tourism Development Support Fund of the Kyrgyz Republic visited the sanatorium, hot springs and holiday homes of the Kyrgyz Republic. Field research of sanatorium-resort facilities took place a week - from 20 to 26 April.

On the first day employees of the Tourism Fund showed foreign guests sanatoriums in the villages of Ysyk-Ata and Kashka-Suu.

Then the group went to Issyk-Kul. On the day of the celebration of Orozo-Ait, its participants worked on the north coast of the lake - studied the possibilities of sanatoriums and resorts "Blue Issyk-Kul", "Baytur Resort" (a five-star hotel in the village of Bosteri), as well as a sanatorium "Aurora" and idle holiday house "Cholpon-Ata".

Then the Czech and Russian specialists decided to make sure that the hot springs in the villages of Oruktuu and Zhirgalan, as well as the once famous but now idle healing spring Ak-Suu, were as good as they say.

After that, they visited the Aksu rehabilitation center for children with cerebral palsy. The guests were interested in the living conditions in the center and what procedures are carried out and whether they help children.

Foreign specialists were met by the heads of sanatoriums, who spoke about the useful properties of radon and hydrogen sulfide sources. Czech experts took samples of water from springs and therapeutic mud for analysis in a laboratory in their home country.

The next day, after visiting the Karakol gorge and seeing the natural attractions of the Zhyrgalan valley, the foreigners went to the south of Issyk-Kul Lake. They were shown a sanatorium in the Geti-Oguz gorge, hot springs in the village of Saruu and a salt lake known as Kara-Kol, whose water experts also collected for analysis. In addition, the Czechs were interested in the salt mine "Chon-Ace" in Kochkor, where they took samples of local salt.

Further, the way lay in the Jalal-Abad region, where experts examined the sanatorium "Jalal-Abad", strolled through the relict nut forest Arslanbob and visited the rest house in Osh.

Following a thorough field study, Czech specialists promised to develop a concept for the development of the network of sanatorium and resort facilities, to give recommendations on the effectiveness of procedures - which of them should be applied and which technologies to use in this process. The development concept will focus on laboratory analysis of samples. On the basis of these recommendations, Fund staff will prepare a report. And the next step on the way to the creation of a network of modern resorts will be the development of investment projects to attract investors.

Reference: Karlovy Vary is one of the world’s most famous spa resorts, which offers tourists 13 healing springs with a unique composition of mineral waters.

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