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How to become a nomad, or the wonderful adventures of an Italian in Kyrgyzstan

The famous Italian documentary Mario Djani came to Kyrgyzstan to make a film about nomadic culture. 80-year-old director hosts several TV programs in Italy, his films gain millions views on Youtube. It tells about people, their customs, culture and traditions. The tour for the film crew was organized by the Tourism development support fund of the Kyrgyz Republic. In the Kyrgyz Republic, Mario Jani first learned about our country by chance.

"It’s a funny story - I went to the car service to change the broken glass, and the manager of that workshop in Italy was a pretty girl from Kyrgyzstan. She told me about your country. I’ve never been here before, although I travel a lot. So back home, I started looking for information about Kyrgyzstan, and I found a lot of interesting things for myself. I called the Kyrgyz Embassy in Italy, told that I want to make a film, and here I am," - said an Italian documentary in an interview with the Tourism Fund.

Mario Jani traveled half the world, was in China, India, Oceania and Southeast Asia, Africa and South America. But always wanted to see how the nomads live. And then the dream came true. Jani and his team drove through the villages of the southern shore of Issyk-Kul, lived for several days on Lake Son-Kul in the yurt camp "Nomad’s dream".

We traveled 11 days in Kyrgyzstan, traveled 1,500 kilometers and seem to have filmed all the most interesting things. It was very interesting to talk to ordinary people who live in villages. It was interesting to film on camera and life of nomads who live in the yurt, I also liked this dwelling," said Jani.

Jani plans to finish the documentary about the Kyrgyz Republic in a few months. The Italian promised to show it to all Kyrgyz.

The Tourism Development Support Fund of the Kyrgyz Republic is greatful to Sergey Glukhoverov, Asel Dildebayeva and Destination "Kararol" for the help in the tour organizing.

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