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How to Become a Participant of the Tourism Exhibition in Malaysia

Representatives of the tourist industry of the Kyrgyz Republic can become a participant of the national pavilion of the Kyrgyz Republic at the tourist exhibition in Malaysia.

The recruitment of participants of the International Tourism Exhibition MATTA FAIR 2023, which will be held on March 17-19 in Kuala Lumpur. Its organizers promise new offers and interesting products from all over the world and in all directions.

More than 250 thousand visitors are expected at the fair.

Tour operators of the Kyrgyz Republic have the opportunity to be among the 190 participants of the exhibition. They will also be able to participate in information and investment seminars within the framework of MATTA FAIR 2023 and find new prospective partners and customers from around the world.

Please note that Kyrgyz citizens do not need a visa to Malaysia. You can register as a participant of events and exhibitions on the website of the Fund of Tourism.

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