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Information Center "Bosogo" opened in Osh

Now there are the place where tourists can get answers to all their questions in Osh. Information desk "Bosogo" opened at the airport of the southern capital. Here visitors will be advised what interesting locations to visit, will recive contacts hotels, guides and logistics companies, will know a good cafe. They can to acquire a SIM card and will know how to make documents.

Consultants for this information desk were selected very carefully - they will be the face of Kyryz Republic. They were trained with an emphasis on serving tourists.

Information stands "Bosogo" successfully work in the building of the National Historical Museum in Bishkek and at the airport "Manas". There is also a 24-hour contact center with the number 7000 and the number 0755007000 for messages (W/A, Telegram). Over the past month, they have served almost 4,000 calls.

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