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Kyrgyz yurt became center of attraction of exhibition "Innoprom" in Yekaterinburg

The Kyrgyz delegation spoke at the main industrial exhibition of Russia "Innopom - 2023". More than 15 domestic companies participated in the exhibition of the national stand.

The 13th international industrial exhibition "Innoprom" was held in Russian Yekaterinburg. Domestic entrepreneurs representing light and heavy industry showed Russian and visitors their export-oriented products. It and manufacturers of elevator, medical equipment, manufacturers of construction and finishing materials. The Kyrgyz pavilion and its decoration, presented in the national authentic style, aroused great interest among visitors.

Employees of the Tourism Fund told that the national stand was presented in the form of a yurt, which made it stand out among many other stands. "It was distinguished by light, colorful and design. But most of all, visitors were struck by the tunduk, which towered above other structures. People were wondering what that meant. Our shyrdaks, which were brought by domestic entrepreneurs, were posted inside the yurt," says the representative of the Fund Saltanat Korchueva, noting that the products of Kyrgyz craftsmen are traditionally in demand at international exhibitions.

This time again, craftsmen from Kyrgyzstan managed to sell some of the presented goods and conclude profitable contracts with Russian and Chinese entrepreneurs.

The exhibition was attended by the Prime Ministers of three countries: Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. "Innoprom" brought together more than 1000 companies from 35 countries.

Addressing the gathering, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Misostin expressed confidence that during the work of the forum new agreements will be reached on the launch of important joint projects. One such project is the promotion of tourism.

As a result of the event, the Tourism Development Support Fund in Kyrgyz republic signed a memorandum of cooperation and cooperation with the Tourism Development Center of the Sverdlovsk region of Russia. It was decided to jointly organize educational, scientific, advisory and informational events that would increase the flow of tourists.

Representatives of the Tourism Fund also met with the adviser on international activities of the Ural Federal University. Following the meeting, it was decided to work out the issue of exchange of students of the two countries. This university has a faculty of guest business and tourism, which trains specialists of a wide profile. If the agreement is signed, Kyrgyz students will be able to enrol in the budget and study at this faculty. The internship of students in both countries will also be considered.

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