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Kyrgyz yurt travels in Europe

The National Pavilion, stylized as a boz ui, opened in Italy at the international tourism exhibition TTG Travel Experience 2023.

The red ribbon at the opening of the stand was cut by the mayor of Rimini Jamil Sadegholvaad and the president of the Tourism Fund Abylkasym Sherniyazov.

Rimini, which hosts the exhibition, is located on the Adriatic Sea, one of the oldest seaside resorts in Italy and its recognized beach capital. The mayor of this favorite tourist city not only gladly viewed the pavilion of Kyrgyzstan, but also tried pilaf and other national dishes prepared by the Kyrgyz diaspora in Rimini on the initiative of its leader Kalybek Akilov.

The TTG Travel Experience is primarily aimed at businessmen. Every year, hundreds of travel agencies, airlines and other providers of tourism services gather on its sites to share successes and find new customers.

The Kyrgyz Republic is represented by the Tourism Development Support Fund and five tourism companies. The national pavilion is made in the form of a yurt, it has established itself perfectly at the exhibition IFTM Top Reza in Paris, which was held last week, and now it was dismantled and brought to Italy.

Even before the official opening of the pavilion of the Kyrgyz Republic, foreign tour operators began to attack their Kyrgyz colleagues with questions about our country. The interest in Kyrgyzstan is very high and there is a real hope for the conclusion of profitable contracts.

In addition to the business agenda, seminars and presentations will be held by the staff of the Fund for Foreign Business. They will tell about the tourist opportunities of the Kyrgyz Republic.

This year, the tourist exhibition TTG Travel Experience opened for the 60th time. It will last for three days.

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