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Minister of Tourism of Cuba named the exhibition of the Kyrgyzstan the best at the Moscow's Fair

In Russia, the forum "Travel" ended, the partner country of which this year was the Kyrgyz Republic. All the attention of the guests these days was focused on the pavilions of our country. Minister of Tourism of the Republic of Cuba Juan Carlos Garcia Granda called them the most interesting at the Forum.

Over four days, 50,000 people visited the Kyrgyz Republic exhibition in Moscow. While business meetings and contracts were signed inside, the Kyrgyz Republic and its tourist opportunities were presented outside. As it turned out, Muscovites and guests of the Russian capital do not know much about our country. And they were very pleased to get to know Kyrgyz history and culture.

The highlight of the program was a master show in the production of scarves made of silk and felt, on which you could not only admire the skills of masters, but also buy manufactured products. Children made chia dolls, women made charms out of leather and decorated themselves with Scythian tattoos, men competed in tug of war and other national games. And all without exception paused with delight when performing Kyrgyz archers, Komusians, dancers.

According to the organizers, more than 200 companies became participants of the forum. The business programme organized more than 30 sessions with over 200 speakers.

The delegation of the Kyrgyz Republic was represented at five sessions, providing information about our country and the main trends in tourism in the region. The exhibition area of the forum exceeded 24 thousand square meters.

The Creative Workshop held 25 master classes. More than 65 concert performances were performed on the main stage. And the forum "Travel" this year became the largest festival tourist platform in Russia.

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