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New flights to Issyk-Kul. GoBus presents two new directions

On June 15 two new directions GoBus will start. From Bishkek you can now get to the sanatorium "Issyk-Kul Aurora" on a comfortable bus. He leaves daily at a convenient time for holidaymakers - 8 o'clock in the morning from Victory Square in Bishkek and 18.00 from "Aurora". Tickets are 500 soms.

Another flight will run between the airport "Issyk-Kul" to Tamchi and the sanatorium "Issyk-Kul Aurora". The departure and arrival of the shuttles will be linked to the flight schedule at the airport. The fare - 300 soms.

Buy tickets to Issyk-Kul, as well as other destinations - to Ala-Archa Nature Park or Manas Airport, can be via the GoBus mobile application.

GoBus is also preparing to launch other destinations, primarily for tourists and outdoor enthusiasts.

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