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On foot and by bicycle. Marked popular path to Ala-Kol lake

The most popular trail in Kyrgyzstan is in the vicinity of Karakol. Every day it is visited by hundreds of tourists, mostly foreign.

The trail connects three gorges - Karakol, Altyn-Arashan and Keldike and goes to the famous lake Ala-Kol. The length of the circular route - forty kilometers, it is quite difficult and even for experienced tourists its passage takes several days.

This trail is very popular with cyclists who come here from different countries, and climbers who are heading for the alphabet and preparing to climb the surrounding peaks. Hikers can both cross the entire route and limit the climb to one of the gorges. On the way spruce forests, thermal springs, springs, grottoes, including the famous Swallow’s Nest.

This route has many branches leading to other gorges. Despite the fact that it is more comfortable to walk on the trail in the warm season, in winter it is also not empty - instead of cyclists come skiers and fans of ski tours.

All tourists enthusiastically received the installation of signs on the route. On the trail also put stands with information and made a mark. It was the largest eco-path project ever.

The trail to Ala-Kol Lake became the twenty-third ecotrope, which was established by the Tourism Development Support Fund of the Kyrgyz Republic. This time the work was supported by the Plenipotentiary Office of the Issyk-Kul region, Destinations Karakol, National Nature Park "Karakol", Karakol Forestry and the Swiss project "Sustainable development of winter tourism in Kyrgyzstan" Helvetas/Kyrgyzstan.

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