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World focus - on tourism in Central Asia

The 25th session of the General Assembly of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) ended in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. Delegates from 133 countries attended. The Kyrgyz Republic was represented by the Department of Tourism at the IEC, the Tourism Development Support Fund, the National Investment Agency and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirzieyev welcomed the Kyrgyz delegation personally to the national stand of our country. They talked about the development of tourism, the promotion of the Great Silk Road, the new large tourist center of Samarkand City, which hosted the participants of the session.

Shavkat Mirzieyev said that Samarkand City was built on the marshes in two years, no one believed it was possible, but he was very supportive of this project and even drew sketches for him personally. Aizhan Amangeldieva, chief specialist of the Marketing and International Cooperation Department of the Fund, presented the president with a gift - a handmade eco-print scarf from the famous Kyrgyz designer Asel Abdykadyrova.

Speaking at the opening session, Shavkat Mirzieyev focused on the development of sustainable tourism and announced several initiatives aimed at deepening cooperation between different countries in the field of tourism.

"The most pressing problem of global tourism is to ensure a guaranteed system of security for tourists. It should be noted that the conflicts and unstable situation in various regions of the world today have an even more negative impact on the development of the sphere than the pandemic," said the President of Uzbekistan.

He also noted the need to promote tourism not only in Uzbekistan, but in the entire region of Central Asia. In particular, promote already in high demand tours on the Great Silk Road. And even proposed the establishment of a special international prize UNWTO for contribution to the promotion of the brand "Silk Road".

The 25th session of the UNWTO General Assembly included the Global Investment Forum. It was presented fund projects - year-round mountain resort "Baytik Mountain Resort", international sports center "Issyk-Kul Tosor" and tourist cluster of Batken region "Batken Resort", they all aroused great interest gathered.

Also, the Tourism Development Support Fund signed several memorandums of cooperation with tourist destinations of Uzbekistan.

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